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Mounting options for nameplates to walls, doors, & glass
Office nameplates add professionalism and team building to an office setting. Company colors, styles, logos, departments, etc. can all be incorporated into the nameplate. Today's technology can bring a small nameplate to life. Please take into consideration how the nameplate is going to be affixed to the wall, door or panel system. Each type of material may need special consideration when affixing the nameplate.


Foam Tape
Creates a semi-permanent bond with the wall. The tape comes to you affixed to the nameplate with a simple removal strip on the back. When you receive the nameplate, just remove the backer strip and stick it to the wall. Be sure to measure to get it in the right spot. It is not meant to move and you may damage the paint/wallpaper when it is removed. When a new employee comes onboard, just remove the inner nameplate and insert a new nameplate while leaving the frame alone. The standard is one strip across the top and one on the bottom, but we can add spot locations as necessary for different environments.

There are two screw holes on each frame which allows for flexible mounting on wood, sheetrock and most wall surfaces. The screws can be predrilled or just drilled in place thru the nameplate frame. Inside plate will be left out of frame and will need to be inserted upon installation. Screws not included with frames.

Special consideration must be given to glass when mounting. Using foam tape is fine, but the thinnest is 1/16th inch which also sticks out somewhat and creates an unattractive look on the back side of the glass which is often an executive office. With glass doors we recommend using 3M 969 clear tape, which is a clear adhesive double-sided tape. We can also match the nameplate with a blank back panel to cover the other side of the glass. When you receive the nameplate, just remove the brown backer strip and place it to the desired glass wall/window.

Office Cubicles, Panel and Partition Systems

For cubicles, one should consider how the nameplates will be mounted to the cube prior to placing an order. Each office, and sometimes the cubes in an office, are different configurations. Most offices use the same location for each nameplate to give a uniform look to the office. However, walls, windows, doors and open areas may require different mounting options within the office environment. The following are the most popular mounting options for panel systems.

Mounting To Hard Surfaces

Foam Tape


Both sides of velcro offered (hook & loop).


Clear Tape
Mounting To Fabric



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